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Jan 16, 2011 7:30am EST
to capital. >> it took us a while to save up money to move into a larger space. >> despite this, lawlore says the ultralight model does have a clear advantage, you'll know your business better than anyone else. >> it forces the best practices on you from the beginning and it forces you to understand your business from a very intimate level, from the very first stage, right. you're not hiring somebody to to be your marketing for you and hiring somebody to do your design for you and hiring somebody to do the engineers for you, you're doing all of that yourself. >>> there are tons of new gadgets and tools on display here at the consumer electronics show. here are five of the best for small business. in the smartphone category, the motorola atrix 4g received high marks for processing power and high-resolution monitor. the io safe rugged portable was best ever class in the networking and storage category, the external drive can hoemd up to one terra byte of data. >>> in the design category, casio's tryx is a compact camera and camcorder. in the partly cloudy and laptop category, intel receive aid
Jan 12, 2011 7:00am PST
, private contractors. it's just before 1:00 a.m. and we're out here on this backhoe with todd lawlor. his job right now is this intersection. he's only wearing a t-shirt. but don't worry. it's heated inside. how far away did you come from? >> about an hour and a half. >> reporter: you came an hour and a half into the city to keep our streets clean? >> that's right. >> reporter: thank you very much. the city nerve center is here. the operation center for city management. in this room, the main job is to track the roads to make sure emergency vehicles can get anywhere they need to go. one of the newest tools they have is this. cameras on cars of responders all over the city, feeding back real-time video to show the people in this room where the problems are. they saw few major problems. almost 3:30 a.m. right now. very snowy streets. snowy, but lonely. not a lot of cars out driving right now. a long, snowy night, that yields to a long, messy morning. clearly, after the last blizzard, mayor bloomberg and city officials were going to leave nothing to chance. and it was helped out that the sto
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2